Will the Ranger Raptor be enough to save Ford’s midsize truck?

A Ford Ranger Raptor off-roading as a mid-size truck.

It’s no secret that Ford’s midsize pickup truck, the Ford Ranger, has been wildly successful in terms of sales. During the second quarter of 2022, the Ranger actually lost almost half a share in the segment. And that’s certainly not ideal for the Blue Oval. In fact, Ford’s smallest truck, the Maverick, currently outperforms its big brother when it comes to sales. Will something like the Ranger Raptor be enough to keep consumers buying this midsize truck again?

Will the United States get a Ford Ranger Raptor?

If you’re hoping Ford will Raptor-fy the Ranger, you’re in luck. The Blue Oval has plans to bring a more powerful Ranger to the United States. As a smaller truck, it definitely won’t be as capable as the F-150 Raptor, but that’s not really the point. It will be a midsize truck with legitimate off-road capability and a more aggressive look.

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