Will we finally see a GMC Jimmy in 2024?

The 2022 Ford Bronco is on track to meet or exceed its 2021 sales figures of more than 100,000 units built. With those numbers holding up, the question arises as to whether GMC will take advantage of its own Bronco. The GMC Jimmy was a full-size SUV similar to a Bronco. Being slightly larger than the Bronco, it still found plenty of enthusiastic buyers. Could we see a modern version of the Jimmy?

Would the GMC Canyon be the best platform for a Jimmy?

1970 GMC Jimmy advertisement | GM

If so, would GMC build on its successful full-size pickup truck, or would it choose the more Bronco-like Canyon midsize pickup as a starting point? The Canyon is new for 2023 and would make a great looking SUV variant. It would also give GMC something not available in its virtually identical Chevy Colorado.

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