Wordle 524’s response for Nov 25: Head-scratching puzzles! Check out Wordle’s tips, clues, and solutions

Wordle 524 response for Nov 25: Today is a confusing word. Without these Wordle hints, hints, and solutions, you’ll be relying only on luck to find the answer.

Wordle 524 response for Nov 25: So far this week’s puzzle has been contained, but today, Wordle takes the difficulty up a notch. On the day of Black Friday, a US-focused sale that has gained worldwide acclaim, the puzzle sadly doesn’t give you discounts. So if you’ve been scratching your head while stuck on the puzzle or find yourself on the last try with the answer far out of sight, then don’t worry. You just need to use these wordle hints and tips that will provide you with important information related to the word. And if even that doesn’t work, just scroll to the bottom to find the solution.

Wordle 524 Tips for November 25

Today’s word is unique and it is not because it is obscure or has several repeated letters. The difficulty and uniqueness of the puzzle comes from the fact that its letter arrangement is not very typical. The word begins with a vowel and the rest of all the letters are consonants. As such, this structure will confuse many players. Make sure you remember it as you solve the puzzle. And if you need further help, the hints are given below.

Wordle 524 tracks for November 25

Today’s word begins with the letter I.

2. The word contains only one vowel, which was mentioned above.

3. The word ends with Y.

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4. All the remaining letters are consonants.

5. The biggest clue: happiness is having a scratch for every _____.

These are your clues. We have literally served you the answer on a platter. Just check the clues carefully and you will know the answer. And if you’re in a hurry, just scroll down for the solution.

Wordle 524 reply for Nov 25

SPOILER ALERT! Do not continue reading if you are not looking for the answer to today’s Wordle.

This is your last chance to back out or you may mess up the answer to today’s riddle.

Today’s word stings. It is “a peculiar tingling or uncomfortable irritation of the skin that causes the desire to scratch the affected part.” Check back in this space tomorrow for more hints and clues.

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