Wordle 576 response for Jan 16: A dress worn by girls! See more Wordle hints, clues here

Answer by Wordle 576 for Jan 16 – It’s going to be an easy win today. Just check out Wordle’s hints and hints here.

Wordle Response 576 for Jan 16: Wordle has given an easy start to the week. Although Sunday’s word was a bit tricky, today’s word can be easily guessed. All you need to do is focus on the letters as they are hard to guess. Also, it would not be wrong if we say that today’s Wordle is dedicated to girls. So, go ahead and check out our Wordle tips and clues below and be the winner of Wordle 576.

Wordle 576 Tips for January 16

Today’s wordle is a common word and especially for girls. Although the initial letters can be a bit difficult to guess, once calculated, the word can be easily formed. However, we won’t ruin your game by revealing Wordle’s answer here. You will only get hints and hints from Wordle and the answer will be provided at the end.

The game also helps you find out the correct letters with the help of three colors: green, yellow and gray. All you need to do is guess a 5 letter word and hit enter. Wordle will highlight the correct letter in a precise place with green color. The yellow will tell you that the alphabet is right but not placed correctly. Whereas Gray refers to the letter that is not present in the Wordle of the day word. Read on for Wordle’s tips below.

Wordle 576 tracks for January 16

1. Today’s word has only one vowel.

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2. The word begins with the letter F.

3. The word ends with the letter K.

4. There is no repetition of letters.

5. Biggest Clue: It’s a kind of dress that girls wear!

Those were the clues and we are sure that if you looked at them carefully, you already know the answer. So go ahead and get your word in one go and impress your friends. However, if you couldn’t get the word, don’t worry and just scroll to find the answer at the bottom.

Wordle 576 reply for Jan 16

Wait! Don’t read on if you’re not looking for Wordle 576’s answer. However, if you’re ready to check it out, take a look below.

The word of the day is FROCK. It is a noun and it is a type of dress. That is. We leave Wordle’s extensive hints and hints for you and we hope they were enough to lead you to your victory.

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