Yes, Cummins makes a 1000 horsepower engine for the military, and it’s a 4 cylinder.

Closeup of a shiny Cummins logo at the company

if you are a Cummins You fanatic, you may have memorized the stats for the six-cylinder 6BT offered in heavy-duty Ram trucks. But did you know that Cummins makes even more powerful diesel for military vehicles? The Cummins Advanced Fighting Engine (ACE) produces up to 1000 horsepower. Even more incredible, it takes advantage of opposed piston technology to put two pistons in each cylinder. Therefore, it boasts 14.3 liters of displacement, with just four cylinders.

Cummins makes military engines

Cummins Logo | Tom Strickland/Bloomberg News via Getty Images

Cummins Company is a major military contractor. According to Cumminsits engines power more tracked military vehicles than any other brand.

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