Your 2023 GMC Syclone 800hp Pickup is Here

GMC’s foray into performance trucks in 1991 resulted in both the Syclone pickup and the Typhoon SUV. Both were based on the Chevy/GMC S-10 architecture and were a highlight in a period of smog regulations and stomach-pumping performance. But now Specialty Vehicle Engineering, or SVE, has created a contemporary version of those hallowed GMC performance trucks. But this time, they’re based on the full-size Sierra 1500 platform with 800 hp.

2023 GMC SVE Sport Edition Syclone | EVS

The original Syclone came in a sport truck form and in a single color, black. But SVE’s 2023 GMC Syclone is available in two ways. The SVE Sport Edition is the lowered version and the off-road version is the Off-Road Edition. Give GMC credit, it put more effort into the performance aspects than the names.

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